Insights the way the world works – from groups that influence each other.

Swarm Intelligence

By nature, we work, play and travel as individuals who influence and are influenced by each other. Swarm intelligence taps into the insights and intuitions that emerge from collective wisdom unlike traditional surveys or focus groups. They are used to accurately predict the outcomes of all kinds of events and fuel unbiased collaboration on important issues. We deploy swarms to provide our forward-looking clients more predictive and cost-effective market-leading strategies.

See trends before they become trends.

The best businesses know where their customers are going and get there first with surprising experiences and delightful interactions.

Do you?

Are your customers?

The Future of Travel & Hospitality Post-Pandemic

Collective intelligence gained through an advanced strategy session, Swarm Session and Swarm Study to guide PR, marketing, sales and development.

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Cal Poly EIM Department

Using Swarm Intelligence to get into the heads of future college students to give the university a competitive edge in recruiting the best students.

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DMA West Thought Leadership

Swarm Sessions result in data easily fashioned into engaging assets for thought leadership that attracts the right press, partners and customers.

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Communications all around us reveal the impact of swarms. We bottle this lightning and use it to spark inventive, durable strategies.


We find many businesses don’t include “the voice of the customer” when analyzing their business, marketing or media. We use swarms to understand what customers and prospects think of the company in the competitive landscape.


The best insights come from “small data,” not big. Leveraging what consumers tell us, we drill down to the specific actions that will reach, engage, convert and retain every target with unique and personalized products and messages.


We plot you a path to the future with directive data. Swarms tell us what customers want today, but also let us test products and services they may not be thinking of yet. This helps us develop markets with reliable predictions.


Brands that work best include culture, service and imagination. Swarms reveal deep insights and empower unbiased collaborations with small numbers of recruits at about half the cost for quickly creating  and testing new brands.


“Authenticity” and “transparency” aren’t just marketing slang – they are qualities consumers expect when being spoken to. Messaging today is a careful orchestration of motivation, meaning and madness. We use swarms to get into the heads of those we hope to influence and excite.

Demand Generation

Swarms tell us about your market, but can also make you a market leader. We conduct swarms on your behalf to generate thought leadership data and content, inbound press, and attention from trade on your path to competitive domination.

Lead Generation

Cultivating leads requires providing something of value to your prospects. With swarm intelligence, we don’t have to guess at what that something is. We learn what is of value both today and in the future to generate funnels with high attention and conversion.


Touching base your existing customers to keep up with their changing tastes is imperative for business success today. Swarms include your customers in your business strategy so they feel they have “skin in the game” while giving you objective insights into what will keep them happy.

Come together, right now, over you.

Want to learn how swarm intelligence can propel your business? Ready to make your branding, communications, PR and marketing more effective?