It's not what you say about yourself, but what others say about you that matters.

Media & Public Relations

You have an important story to tell. If the right people pay attention to it, they will spread it for you. If it’s meaningful, they’ll become your advocate. And if it’s about something they personally care about, interactions will become conversations about supporting each other’s success.

Be relatable, be a leader and be invested.

Media and influencers want to care about your story. So you have to be interesting, relevant and focused on both your results and theirs.

Sunset Savor the Central Coast

Partnering with one of the most prestigious lifestyle magazines to build excitement and attendance for a one-of-a-kind event.

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Laetitia Vineyard and Winery

Attracting media and trade attention with creative stories, press, panel discussions, one-on-one meetings and tours.

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Visit Santa Rosa

Research into how Australia recovers from disaster leads a campaign that invites media in for an insider’s on-the-ground view.

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Good stories are made great in the telling. 

Love stories aren’t about one person. Making media fall in love with you takes a dedicated, cross-functional team of matchmakers. 

Goal Setting

We start every strategic plan with realistic goals for our communications and engagement. Goals drive storylines, press angles and other content creation. Likewise, goals influence promotional programs, brand integrations and everything else creative.

Brand Assets

Media programs are articulated in the digital world and the real one by captivating and consistent representations of the brand. We map every asset in communications plans and reproduce them in media kits, bios, photos, videos, social profile and the like.

Influencer Identification

It goes without saying that a media program’s success is shaped by who we can get interested in it. We identify the most prolific, followed and brand-aligned pundits, writers, editors, bloggers, vloggers and celebrities to pitch to on your behalf.

Media Relations & Campaigns

Nothing replaces one-on-one conversation. It’s still the most important and successful way to generate the right kind of interest. So we build relationships with our press and social campaigns through face-to-face meetings, phone calls and authentic relationship building.

Tours and Press Events

Clients rely on us to make a big splash for them. It’s one of our favorite things to do. You will find us in our element at big launches, grand openings and galas of all sorts. We take this big presence and enthusiasm to deskside meetings and media networking events as well.

Message Management

In addition to the flashy stuff and creative storytelling, goals are attained through the hard work of the managers behind the scenes – especially when things get tough. We provide crisis and media training, negotiations, validations and make the hard calls for you.

How can we help get the word out to the right people?

Public relations, media wrangling, influencer campaigns, press coverage and thought leadership are second nature to us. Let’s chat.