Fuse Optics

The Challenges

The inventor observed runners, bikers, skiers, and others who wore both glasses and earbuds to connect to their mobile devices and noticed how people tried to unsuccessfully keep earbuds in during activities. Necessity being the mother of invention, he created eyewear that incorporated audio-adaptable earbuds or sound protection. The product earned a United States Utility Patent for its hinge design temple bar. The next challenge was taking the product to market.

The Solutions

The flexibility and versatility of the eyewear provided a sound solution for a variety of applications including communication, streaming music and noise cancelling; they could also be worn as traditional glasses, allowing the users to adjust for various needs throughout the day. The glasses were a perfect solution for both extreme sports enthusiasts and active lifestyle devotees. After market research and a series of target consumer surveys, Parker Sanpei got to work on branding FUSE Optics™ – the innovative eyewear that fused sight and sound. The project included the creation of the logo, packaging, website, marketing materials, videography, photography, advertising design, convention booth design, product branding, social media and launch campaign.


FUSE Optics ™, the progressive first-to-market eyewear company with its unique U.S. Utility Patent design was poised to transform the industry. Fuse Optics was invited to showcase it’s new-to-market product line of lifestyle glasses with earbud capability at the annual SIA (Snowsports Industries America) Snow Show. Media outreach resulted in stories in Kinetic Shift, TECHGADGET, WareGround, Gear Junkie, Übergizmo, Gadgeters, AtCrux, Cult of Mac, Transworld Business, Outdoor Adventure, and Nada nos Libra de Escorpio, among others.