Tolosa Winery

The Challenges

Tolosa winery is located in the Edna Valley, within the largely unknown SLO Coast Wine Country American Viticultural region on the Central Coast of California. The region’s wine grapes benefit from the diverse ancient sea bed soils, morning fog and cooling maritime influence to produce wines with great minerality, character and balance. Yet the region is largely unknown and is deserving of recognition. One of the key objectives for 2020 has been to increase consumer traffic to the tasting room and launch a series of Tolosa Tasting Salons in Southern California. Covid-19 thwarted all 2020 plans, which caused us to pivot to more digital tactics to continue to meet objectives.

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The Solutions

Tolosa winery was one of the first in California to host weekly virtual tastings wherein guests could order wines in advance to taste along with the winemaking team. With health and wellness in mind, Woga, yoga in the vineyards, was launched. Due to the closure of tasting rooms, the team staunchly focused on direct to consumer sales. A Tolosa Tonight program was launched which included a package containing three select wines, recipe, cooking and decorating video instructions along with a video of the winemaker introducing consumers to the wines. 

Additionally, we launched a hyper-targeted digital media campaign in Southern California to increase brand awareness and drive consumers to the website to sign up for the newsletter. Using the latest media planning technologies and tapping into consumer insights from Google Analytics, we constructed the program to advertise to educated, high-income, food and wine interested targets living in high-performing neighborhoods, to eliminate media waste, maximize web site engagement and convert more ecommerce sales.


With the swift shift to digital marketing, our efforts resulted in massive exposure to Southern California, welcoming more consumers and club members to the many winery activities. Within only 4 months we drove over 4 million impressions and 23 thousand new visitors to the web site at only 38 cents per click! 

We then optimized the program through aggressive interest and in-market targeting that influenced stellar results; increased time on site by 41%, decreased bounce rate to 40.8% (in the “excellent” range), increased direct traffic to the site from all integrated marketing by 14.5% and drove a massive 235% ecommerce conversion rate from these direct visitors. 

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