Waiting for metrics means you're already too late.

Analytics & Optimization

We have more data available to us today than we ever have. Data is ubiquitous. It surrounds people, patterns, preferences, performance. We have an obligation in any creative endeavor to use this tool not only to create high-performing programs, but to effectively predict their outcomes before they even start. At Parker Sanpei we define KPI’s for every engagement and are obsessive about honestly tracking and improving the performance of every communication in every channel.

See the forest for the trees, and every single tree.

Know what’s come before and plan for what will come after.

Tolosa Winery

A quick shift to digital marketing to feature new experiences, drive newsletter subscriptions and welcome a new affluent market.

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Rosemary Farm

Creating a first in the industry, and getting the word out with unique, video-driven content that’s playful while illustrating differentiation.

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Adelaide Inn

Holistic analysis of marketing channels and website performance spur updates that make immediate and lasting improvements.

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Navigating by the stars makes you look up instead of straight ahead.

Don’t try to unscramble how every customer journey is different. Know where they’re going and get there first.

Review Metrics

We review what has worked and what hasn’t, what you like and don’t, where there are holes in analysis to fill, and where your biggest successes are coming from. We look at every campaign, every property, and any brand in your space doing things well.

Set Goals

We establish a lighthouse – the single metric that matters most. Sometimes this is business growth, other times it is brand love. We then map out every tactic we can use, and rationalize how each individual milestone will contribute to a larger success.

Press Analytics

If a tree falls in the woods with nobody around, does it make a sound? As we plant your content with the right media and influencers, we ensure you are being heard by capturing every conversation and headline in monthly reports, and using them to grow more successes.

Marketing Analytics

When we first review your metrics, we are also analyzing the validity of your conclusions. We dig into what tools you are using to provide insights, what you should be looking at, and recommend the most reliable and innovative ways to monitor your success in real-time.

Marketing Optimization

If you’re spending time wrapped up in the numbers and levers that make your marketing successful, you can quickly get overwhelmed. Our experts and spreadsheet jockeys do the day-to-day management and optimization of your marketing for best possible results.


We provide conclusions with context. We regularly partner with you to make sure we are optimizing to goals, and determine if we need to move the goal posts. Our reports feed into strategies that provide the big picture for mapping out our next successes together.

We are constantly working on getting better at what we do.

We learn from every client engagement and apply those learnings to our next one. Let’s make something better together.