Cambria Inns Collection

The Challenges

The Cambria Inns Collection is well respected among guests and its peers for their commitment to hospitality and the community. They sought to reinvigorate the brand through refreshed creative, package promotions and targeting of key markets. With the brand encompassing four unique and distinct properties, they needed to identify key clientele for each property to effectively execute a strategic marketing plan.

The Solutions

Parker Sanpei conducted an in-depth research and analysis utilizing Nielsen’s PRIZM research tool and a database of past guests to identify demographic and psychographic groups to target for each property. The results of the Nielsen research were overlaid with Google’s collection of user behaviors to execute a highly targeted digital advertising campaign encompassing both programmatic display ads and pay-per-click. In addition, creative received a comprehensive refresh to align with current consumer preferences for travel advertising to be focused on the experience rather than the lodging property. This shift also provided the benefit of being able to market the four properties using the same visuals.


During the full year of engagement, Parker Sanpei was able to generate significant improvements to website traffic as a result of the enhanced targeting. During the initial year, the website reported year-over-year increases of 15.5% in sessions, 13.2% in users, 75% in pageviews, 52% in pages per session and 6.3% for average session duration.

With the agency’s direction, the Inns launched their first digital ad campaigns focused on behavioral targeting and behavioral modeling. The campaign performance has continued to increase over time, increasing occupancy and RevPar.