You deserve a branding and communications agency that delivers on big ideas that get you to where consumers are going before the competition.

Brand building and communications that inspire results

Parker Sanpei is a strategic branding and communications agency serving forward-leaning companies that embrace change. You hire us to tap into consumer trends and emerging technologies. To build predictive marketing models and bring fresh ideas to the table. Unlike most agencies, you will find us to be hands-on managers who welcome accountability. We design attention-grabbing brand concepts, launch record-breaking brand awareness campaigns, built greater brand equity by outpositioning the competition, and identify the unique values you share with consumers to feed long-lasting brand loyalty. 


The keys to successful brands are locked in the unmet needs of your customers. Through quantitative analytics and qualitative research with innovative tools like Swarm Intelligence, we create exciting data-proven, customer-first brands.


Successful positioning is the discipline to constantly reposition. New competitive threats appear every day. Consumer behavior is evolving at lightspeed. We map the insights that will keep your business relevant in an ever-changing market.


We are your greatest champions. We know what influences your customers to action, and use that knowledge to shape compelling stories that get the attention of press and analysts. We then syndicate your successes across all your marketing channels.

What is your brand personality?

Great brands understand that it’s not what you say about yourself, but what others say about you that matters. Without a distinct personality, there’s no reason your customers would ever remember you. Which is why we conduct Brand Personality audits of 140 different data points to understand how your targets see you, and what you need to do to keep their attention.  Read more at “Do You Know Your Brand Personality?” 

Forged from influence.
Refined by results.

When you choose to work with us, you get a team that has solved some of the toughest problems for brands of all sizes.