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Parker Sanpei provides the travel, hospitality and tourism industries with a study conducted using swarm intelligence to predict how consumers have changed their tastes, attitudes and preferences about traveling after the pandemic. The report contains twenty-four predictions, and several surprise insights, to help industry professionals better plan their strategies and budgets for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

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Parker Sanpei Predicts The Future of Travel and Hospitality with Swarm Intelligence
The Technology That Predicted the 2020 US Election Provides Surprising Insights From Travelers

Lessons from the Swarm.

Stories and studies of today’s collective journeys that are becoming the trends guiding our society.

Swarm Intelligence versus Surveys and Focus Groups

Swarms vs. Surveys [Video]

Our favorite “what’s for lunch” example of the power of swarm intelligence and how inaccurate traditional surveys can be.

Swarm Intelligence Future of Travel and Hospitality

The Future of Travel & Hospitality Summary

A Swarm Study conducted in Spring of 2021 from a collective of ideal travelers to predict how attitudes and preferences have changed about travel and hospitality since the pandemic.